The walk-thru showed missing decorative air vent covers

Last year, I went house hunting. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I would not stray from my wishes. After months of searching, I was sure I had found the perfect home. It had decorative awnings that reminded me of a gingerbread house. There was wainscoting in the house that was painted a bright white, and the air vent covers were gold grates that looked like they came out of the early 1900s. I took pictures of the house before I gave a down payment to the realtor. I loved the little bungalow, and I couldn’t wait to make the house mine. I was doing the final walk-thru before going to the table to pay for the house, and something was missing. I took pictures of the house to compare to those I had taken the day I fell in love with the house. I was sitting in the car comparing them when I realized the air vent covers were missing. I showed the pictures to my realtors and pointed out the missing air vent covers. She didn’t know what to say, but I did. I was going to confront the sellers when we got into the office. I would not release money to them unless they returned the air vent covers that were in the house when I first saw it. They were part of the charm of the house. My realtor thought I was being hasty, considering it would only cost a couple of hundred dollars to replace them all, but I wanted the house I bargained to purchase, and they were part of that house..
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