There was a commercial HVAC company van parked out in the parking lot

The air quality in the doctor’s office was awful when we took our child in for a wrist X-ray. She had a little bit of an accident on her skateboard and we were afraid that her wrist had a fracture in it so we decided to go to the doctor. We were expecting it to be nice and cool there, however something was wrong with their heating and cooling system. There was a commercial Heating and A/C business van parked out in the parking lot when we got there, so that should have been a sign to us that there was going to be an issue inside of the building. The indoor air quality in the lobby seemed to be OK, and the elevator ride was nice on the way up to the doctor’s office. However, once we walked into the doctor’s office waiting area, that is when we noticed that there was something off with the heating and cooling system. We can always tell when something is wrong with the indoor air quality because we are just truly sensitive to that kind of thing. Both of us think that the Heating and A/C system was not working properly on that floor, or at least in that suite, because the indoor air quality was so bad. It was truly stuffy and there was no circulation going on at all. As a matter of fact, we didn’t hear the heating and cooling system come on at all the entire time that we were waiting to see the doctor. Meanwhile, there were Heating and A/C workers coming and going in the outer doors to the hallway. We saw one of them hauling some tools around to the back doors of the office. There was something going on that day.


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