They have been having some issues with their heating system

June had no idea that there were different air filters to choose from when she went to the property improvement store last week. She usually doesn’t go to the property improvement store at all. Her hubby usually does all of the things like that around the lake house, but he is traveling for work right now. He’s been so tied up with work for a while now that June has had to take over a lot of the things around the property that she used to not have to do. June has to say that she is not truly pleased about this. She doesn’t like having to work on things around the property at all. They have been having some complications with their heating system lately as June thinks that it is because she needs to change the air filter. The control component unit has a warning light on it that flashes whenever it’s time to change the air filter and it’s been going off for a while now. At first she just tried to ignore it, however now it feels like the indoor quality in their property is not as great as it used to be. June is pretty sure it’s because of the fact that she needs to change the air filter. That’s why she finally just gave up and went to the property improvement store herself to purchase one. June finally found the heating and cooling products aisle, however once she got over there, she could not think that there were so many different kinds of air filters. June actually ended up having to talk to one of the store employees to see which air filter would work for her particular Heating and A/C unit. She had no idea what she was doing.



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