They took the air conditioning unit when they moved.

I was renting my house while I was in college. My parents gave the house to me when my grandfather passed away, but I didn’t want to pay all the bills when I was 1000 miles away in school. I put an ad in the paper and found a couple who would rent the house while I was in school. I let them know when I would get home and said I needed the house. I finished my grad courses and was permanently moving home. I knew they weren’t happy about vacating, but I didn’t know how unhappy they really were. When they finally moved out, they took the window air conditioning unit with them. I bought the AC unit, and it was in the house when they moved in. I couldn’t believe they took the air conditioner, and I had to get it back. I was told to call the police and file a theft report. I had to inventory the house to make sure nothing else was missing. When I finally got in touch with the couple, they argued it was their air conditioning unit. The one that was in the house had died, according to them. They bought the air conditioning unit to replace the one that died. Since the air conditioning unit wasn’t on the premises, I couldn’t prove it was only a year old, or that there was one there. The police said they couldn’t do anything about the air conditioning unit, because I had no proof it was there. I learned a lesson about taking pictures of a property before someone rented it.


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