Time for heating maintenance inside

I feel like I was hit by a train last night, as my elbow, lower back, and knees are all sore.

We had some really crazy plays yesterday with the volleyball matches and even got the best play of the year on film somehow.

My buddies had a camera filming from a tripod when it happened, and I am hoping the video is clear and you can see all of the action. I think we can see it, and I can’t wait to watch the video again to see what we did. It was a long rally, heating up from the very beginning, and not cooling down until 45 seconds later when we won the point. We ultimately won that game too, and it was the highlight of my day as we won that game together in style and on camera. My HVAC tech teammate is editing the video today in his air conditioned studio, where I am sure he will make the magic happen with his editing skills. Then I can have the video as a memory of my days of ballin’ in the sand with my friends. The local business has us over for free drinks because we entertain the crowds there in the climate controlled beach bar. So needless to say, today I am not feeling so good as far as my body is concerned. I’ll do a lot of hot yoga in my studio with heated floors and a small space heater. Then I will train a client in yoga and stretch it out even more to help with the healing process.