Turns out that sound was the HVAC unit

It’s sort of weird the way I hear.

Since I was a little kid, it seems like my hearing is just different than most people that I know. It’s not that I have a hard time hearing or anything like that. In fact, it’s more the opposite. And that sensitive hearing ability actually saved me big time when it came to my HVAC equipment. I don’t know what it is really but I seem to be able to hear different tones and frequencies that other folks don’t hear. Inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I can sometimes hear these weird tones when things get quiet. I ask my coworkers if they heard those sounds and they always just roll their eyes. They all think that for sure, I’m hearing things and that’s all. But my wife has been around me long enough to heed the ear warnings that come along for me every once in a while. Once, we were riding in the car and I reached over to cut off the air conditioning so I could listen to something odd that I was hearing. The longer I listened, the more it seemed to be coming from under the hood. My wife pulled over just before something went wrong with the car and it overheated. A very similar thing just happened last week. I muted the TV to listen to the heat pump. It was the second time the air conditioning had turned on and I heard a weird sound. My wife didn’t even hesitate. She called the HVAC company and had them out the next morning. Sure enough, there was a problem that we caught early and saved money on.

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