Wanting a central air con unit

Last week we had a legitimately moderate day, my mom woke up that day yelling, and you can tell you needed to take her seriously.

She yelled, “I am fatigued from not sleeping well and we need to get a central air conditioner!” I was startled and I was just trying to have a nice day watching cartoons and coloring, but my dad stood up and got my attention.

He yelled, “Do you know how much that would cost us?” By the sound of how he said that it seemed like it was legitimately expensive and maybe we couldn’t afford to have a central air conditioner. I know my mom has slightly grumbled about it in the past and wanted to get Heating and Air Conditioning tech to come to the home, but my mom just played it off, and at this point I don’t guess he truly can do that. After a few seconds, my dad calmed down and asked to look at the finances because his work truly depends on him sleeping well. He truly wanted to get a central air conditioner, and having the windows open at night truly isn’t working for him anymore either, and my mom understood that he was still a little tense due to my mom’s morning outrage. My mom then said, “Let’s at least get an estimate from the Heating and Air Conditioning business to see where we stand, is that ok?” My dad nodded in agreement to satisfy my mom’s needs for now. I’m still just distraught to find out how everything is going to go down after they find out the cost is far too much for them, but then again it might not be and we might have a central air conditioner soon.


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