We are buying a wall mounted HVAC unit for the great room

We decided a few days ago that we want to get a wall mounted HVAC unit for the great room here in the house. Ever since we moved in here three years ago, we have been having issues with the heating and cooling system in the great room. The indoor air quality in the great room has never been great, no pun intended. We have had issues in there during the winter and during the summer and I think it’s because of the giant windows that look out on the backyard. When you have giant windows like that, it creates a little bit of a greenhouse effect during the summer, and so the great room starts heating up in the afternoon. Usually by the time evening rules around, it is stifling and hot in there. During the winter, we end up with the opposite problem. That room is always freezing cold and nobody even wants to go in there. Unfortunately, that is where I always want to set up the Christmas tree because it is the best place for it in the house. I talked to an HVAC technician a couple of weeks ago and he told us that he would suggest that we put in a wall mounted ductless mini split heating and cooling system in that room. I didn’t even know that those existed until he mentioned it. At this point, I am willing to try anything so hopefully this will work out for us! We are going to have them come and install it for us in a couple of weeks.


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