Working on the farm is hard without A/C

Working on the farm is hard without A/C during the summer, that’s for sure.

I really enjoy the work at this little family owned farm, but it is not the easiest job that I have ever had, that’s for sure.

It is actually very difficult because we get really high temperatures around here during this summer. If you have ever worked outside on a farm during the summer, then you know how dusty and dirty and hot it can be. Of course, there is nowhere out there on the farm that has air conditioning at all, so I am hot from the time that the sun comes up until I get finished with work at the end of the day. You had better believe that I am excited to get into my truck and turn the air conditioning system on full blast at the end of the day! I thought about quitting the farm this year because I am already dreading the hot summer temperatures that are going to happen during the summer months. I just can’t bring myself to quit for some reason, though. I guess there’s just something about working outside with the land that I really enjoy. I would much rather do that than work in an office somewhere at a desk. Even though the office would have central air conditioning, I would still prefer to be outside in the fresh air. Last winter, the cold temperatures nearly got to me, though. It’s one thing to be hot during the summer with no A/C, but it’s a whole different thing whenever you’re freezing cold outside during the winter!
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