Zoned HVAC is the best

One of the best investments I have made so far has to go to zoned heating and air conditioning. I didn’t realize how much an impact a HVAC machine can have on your life, or on your relationship for that matter. My girlfriend and I used to fight all of the time over the thermostat, and what the temperatures would be. I know it is a stupid fight, considering there are more important things, but something about the smart thermostat made both of us act like animals. After calming down a bit, I thought we had settled that I would be the one to control the thermostat, and she would not change it. However, when I came home from work one day, I was beyond angry to find that she had changed the temperature anyways. I was about to make her go from girlfriend to ex girlfriend real quick, that’s how bad it was. But thankfully, it was my other friend who ended up suggesting getting a zoned heating and A/C machine, and I am sure glad she did, because otherwise we would have broken up. Zoned cooling and heating is just what we needed, and now that we both have our preferred temperatures, I can look back and say I was acting irrationally, but so was she. I am just glad that is behind us now. We have made up since then and now look back and laugh at how we were acting, who knew cooling technology could make people act that way.

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