An excuse to use the electric fireplace

Today is Thursday, which means I’m staying in the city to do my work online, attend language courses, and play soccer with my friends.

My favorite thing about living in the city is soccer.

I was lucky to find a soccer group on the internet. The organizer is very friendly and does a good job of getting everybody together and coordinating the event. It used to be free, but now we have to pay $2 for the court fees. We play on an indoor court, which is lucky since it’s raining today. I haven’t played in like two weeks because I injured my foot, so I’m looking forward to this afternoon’s match more than usual. My partner wants to get radiant floor heating for the winter, so I need to search online and find some good offers. While I’m doing my online shopping, I might also take the opportunity to get an electric shaver to make my beard look tidier, as well as look at HEPA filters to improve our indoor air quality. I feel like it’s winter again since the temperature has dropped considerably during the last few days. I prefer the cold weather to the hot weather, and now I have an excuse to use the electric fireplace, which creates a cozy atmosphere. I have to be careful with my energy consumption, though, because my partner and I have agreed to save money for an RV with climate control, which is very expensive. I have to remember to call my buddy to see when he wants to play music in town and also ask him for some energy saving tips, something he’s an expert in.

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