An unexpected visit from the cooling tech

Usually, I care about listening to jazz songs while I work.

However, since it’s raining this week, I’d rather listen to the rain.

I find the sound of the rain so soothing that sporadically I play rain sound effects on my iPhone to help me relax and fall asleep. Due to rain, my girlfriend, who works as an environmental mentor and usually takes kids on outdoor excursions, has a afternoon off. I initially thought my associate and I would spend the afternoon together, although she informed me that she had plans to meet with her friends for circus training. As for me, I have to get on with my toil for the Heating & A/C company. The weather has taken a turn, and now it’s chilly outside, unlike a few afternoons ago when it was hot. This makes me contemplate whether to turn on the central heating. However, I don’t suppose it’s necessary; I like to have the windows open to ventilate the house, so using the boiler would be a waste of energy. If I can concentrate enough on my work, I should be able to get it done in an hour, provided I’m free of external distractions. To my surprise, my girlfriend had called the cooling tech to come over this afternoon. When the doorbell rang, I could feel my irritation and anger building up. I opened the door to let him in with a long face. He informed me that he needed to perform some ductwork sealing. Although I didn’t fully understand what that meant, I allowed him to get on with it. Trying to focus on my writing became challenging as he was making a heck of a racket. However, once he finished and left, I was able to regain my concentration and finally complete my Heating & A/C tech stories.


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