Dad was simply blown away by ductless heat pumps

I don’t know just how many more fishing trips dad has left in him.

  • But this Spring’s trip was definitely one of the best I’ve ever gotten to experience with that wonderful man.

His health has been such that he wasn’t able to get up to the lake for the last couple of years. But due to his amazing resilience, he’s doing much better and is living every moment to its fullest. I love that about him. He’s never been one to just sit in the air conditioning at home. Dad actually helped his dad build the cabin up at the lake. It’s sort of been passed down to me now as I hold the keys. Dad didn’t make a big deal out of that passing of the torch. But his look said everything really. The cabin is rustic and that’s always been fine. I’m not up there to watch TV or anything like that. Yet, since dad wasn’t up to going to the cabin the last couple of years, I’ve been doing some renovating. Between me and my buddies, we have painted, refurbished and added some residential HVAC to the cabin. One of my buddies is an HVAC professional. We got a pair of ductless heat pumps and spent a long weekend fishing, drinking beer and installing the ductless heat pumps. It really has made a difference. When dad walked in the cabin, his eyes just lit up. He was so into all the improvements that I had made. He actually thanked me for not waiting until he was dead before putting in some quality heating and air in the cabin. We had yet another great fishing trip together and this one was extra special for a lot of reasons.

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