Ductless heat pump makes remote working awesome

I sure didn’t think that I would ever be a good candidate for working remotely. The company I work for actually made a big push for those with similar jobs as mine to take incentives to work from home. This was well before the pandemic shut down the zone controlled HVAC and sent everyone home to work in their own air conditioning. When I was asked if I wanted to go to work at home, it didn’t take me a second to say no. I liked working inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. And besides, I was far too social a person to actually work at home alone. Well, that’s not exactly right as I have a pair of highschool kids still at home. But they are in school or working or dating or whatever most of the time so it’s not like they would be a distraction. So I guess I should be shocked to still be working from home when most of my colleagues are right back to work. Apparently, I did like the best work of my career while I was at home and the bosses took notice. So when I came back to work with everyone else, I wasn’t at my desk an hour before I was called into the boss’s office. And again, I was offered all sorts of incentives to trade the commercial HVAC of the office for the central air conditioning of my home. And this time, I said yes. It was hard not to with the incentives and the bonus structure that were put in front of me. The first thing I did was to have the HVAC company come out to install a ductless heat pump in my home office. I love having my own quality heating and air in my office.

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