Getting HVAC equipment ready

It’s so nice here right now.

I just wish that there were months and months of this sort of weather.

Unfortunately, the only months and months of the same sort of weather that we see is the Winter variety. I live so far north that we have to have both a wood stove and gas furnace for heating purposes. It doesn’t take both of them working at the same time to provide heating that we need. But the wood stove heating helps take the sting out of the heating bills from the gas furnace. You need heating at night here along about mid or even early October. And the gas furnace has only not come on for heating at night over just the last 3 weeks or so. We’re right in that sweet spot where it’s such lovely weather outside. Unlike our neighbors to the far south, we are still enjoying Spring and all the rebirth that’s going on. I have basically put the gas furnace to bed until the HVAC professionals come out in late September to do the heating maintenance. However, it’s also time for the HVAC technician to come out and do the air conditioning tune up before too long. In fact, I just removed the protective shell I put over the HVAC equipment outside that keeps the weight of the snow and ice off of it. We don’t get a huge demand for air conditioning here. But the older I get the more I like having air conditioning during the peak heating hours of the day while I’m inside.


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