Going outside with the weather conditions control

It feels a bit cooler today outside as I rest here in my office with the window open trying to get the air fresh again. My cats got locked in this room last night plus went crazy using the room as one big litter box. I don’t exactly want to get into this story again as I already told it, however I am just trying to get the air smelling better in this room by having the window open. It is a good thing that the temps are lower today because I can keep this window open all afternoon without the air conditioner running to keep me cool. I’m really being tested here overseas with being away from my family plus being on my own, now that my lady plus I have gone our separate ways. I thought I could just leave the weather conditions controlled flat here plus walk outside plus meet another lady, however that doesn’t really seem to be the case anymore as I have grown older plus not as lovely to women anymore. Also, not speaking the local language well has really put me at a setback, both at the HVAC corp where I work plus on the streets when meeting people. I assume I am learning patience plus diligence as I try to learn the language once plus for all. I’m not really an ugly guy as far as I know, however there is a big difference in my dating pool now at 56 compared to when I was 26. I assume I will go talk with the older HVAC worker today to get some advice.

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