Having the central air on early helps them both

Wendy is not too far from the hot months. But first, she is going to get another blast of lawn pollen before that takes place. And then, come about the first of September, she’ll get another end of Summer wave of pollen. But this time, it will be ragweed and other flowering plants that come out at that time of the year. So it’s sort of like Wendy gets blasted with pollen just as the central air use jumps up. And again with the pollen blast just as the cool air needs begins to wane. Don’t even get her started with the tree pollen that happens in March. If you have trouble with dust irritations, this can be a horrendous region in which to live. For Wendy, she’s just had to brave through it and grind through it since she was small. But this past Spring was a relief because her suffering from dust irritations didn’t exist inside the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of the house. That’s because Wendy finally saved up enough money to have the whole home air purification system set up. This air cleaner is placed inside the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. So it catches all the incoming air as it goes from the Heating and Air Conditioning return to the air handler. And that’s right where the high intensity UV light blasts all the pollen along with every other airborne pollutant. Thus, Wendy is able to breathe and live her life normally once she is inside the central air. Thankfully, the central air is pretty much on in her property once the rapidly changing temperatures outside hit 75. Her partner is super sensitive to heat and Wendy is super sensitive to pollen. So having the central air early helps them both.
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