He commanded that they get HVAC duct cleaning done

Dad was at a point where his head felt like it was just going to explode.

  • He was so congested.

And it had been this way for days. Dad wasn’t feeling well. He had a cold for the past few days. He even stayed home from work for three days. It takes something huge for dad to miss going to work inside the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of his office. But he also didn’t want to be spreading it around via the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning of the office either. So he waited for some time until he wasn’t feeling too bad before going to work. Still, dad just couldn’t get rid of the congestion, the sinus issues and the cough with a scratchy throat. Finally, mom had enough of him dragging himself around and insisted dad had to go see the family physician. Dad hates going to the physician and it doesn’t help that the cooling system is always blasting so he is just chilly all the time. This trip, dad was quite taken aback by the results of his visit. He figured he’d get some sort of meds and be sent on his way. But dad got a prescription to call the Heating and Air Conditioning tech instead. That’s not at all what he had been expecting. The physician thought that dad’s problem lingering like it had had more to do with the indoor air quality of our home than anything else. He suggested that he get ductwork cleaning done and switch to a HEPA filter immediately. Dad did both and was amazed with the results. The change in our indoor air quality was remarkable. And his symptoms were gone completely within 15 hours.


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