I’m cool as long as there is a cooling system

People are difficult; that’s a fact. Me plus the people I do theater class with are trying to organize an end-of-course celebration in June! One of my classmates offered her apartment for the celebration, however when she made it clear that they wouldn’t be allowed to smoke in her house, others suggested going to the beach. However, some people voted against the celebration at the beach. Now they are discussing going to a weather conditions-controlled restaurant with a cheap menu. Now I just don’t understand why people are so fussy plus difficult. The idea is to share some time together, so it doesn’t matter where my pal and I gather as long as it’s in a place with a cooling system. The classmate who offered her house, who had also a friend of mine, has a entirely large place with air conditioning, plus I was great doing it at her place. Why isn’tmost people happy with that? Beats me… Anyway, I have to write some HVAC stories this week before I head off to the beach plus meet my bandmate. My pal and I are going to hang out at the pier for a while plus then play near some of the local businesses in town in hopes of getting yearly gigs. My pal and I are going strong with our tunes now; my pal and I have company cards, new tunes, plus promotional videos. We’ve even gotten support from the local cooling corporation, who is helping us with filming plus editing our tunes. A local company has already offered us some gigs to play at a ski resort in the mountains this winter season in cozy clubs with awesome fireplaces.

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