Look at HVAC maintenance as an investment

So much of our money is tied up in our house and our property.

But that was sort of the idea when we bought this place all those years ago.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here 27 years. The fact that we are replacing the HVAC equipment is a big reminder though. Honestly, we weren’t sure that we’d even get 20 years out of that HVAC equipment. When we bought this place, the previous owner cut every corner he could when it came to the necessary improvements. While the HVAC equipment wasn’t garbage, it was definitely a long way from top of the line. Yet, we loved this house so much that we weren’t willing to let less than awesome HVAC equipment be a deal breaker. So like with all the stuff that we own, we began with preventive maintenance. Whether it’s a car, the roof, the yard or whatever we’ve invested serious money in, we believe in consistent, planned maintenance. That’s certainly the case when it comes to HVAC maintenance. Even with the HVAC equipment that came with the house, we had the HVAC professionals out twice a year for seasonal HVAC maintenance. And shockingly, that paid off big time with the HVAC unit. I can’t believe we got nearly 30 years out of that sort of residential HVAC. But it just goes to show that HVAC maintenance is an investment in the efficiency, viability and longevity of heating and cooling equipment. The new HVAC unit is just awesome and everything that we could have asked for. And of course, we’ll keep getting heating maintenance in the Fall and then an air conditioning tune up before Summer.

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