My large house needed a large HVAC unit

I recently was blessed to get a very large home, the home of my dreams! It was something I spent a good amount of my time dreaming about when I was young, and after many, many years of hard work, I can finally say that I am there.

  • I feel so blessed right now, because my home has everything I always wanted.

A large yard, a personal pool and screened in porch and the home is huge! Yes, there were a few repairs needing to be done within the home, but still, I am just so happy that I finally achieved my lifelong dream. One of the repairs that needed to be done is more of an upgrade. The previous owner’s had a central air conditioning machine that was not only old, but not big enough for the home. I am honestly surprised that the cooling device worked for as long as it did, because usually when the cooling system is too small for the home, it puts a lot of strain on the heating and air conditioning device to work harder and work longer, and so the lifespan usually isn’t as long. Regardless, I was actually having a heating and air conditioning technician coming out today to perform a HVAC installation! The new air conditioning device I chose was brand new A/C equipment, with a high SEER rating. I was super excited to have it installed, but I knew it was going to take several hours before it was finished.


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