Need to fix the old ductwork

I’m almost done with work for the day, so I can soon start practicing the new songs my bandmate and I are composing.

  • After a dry spell, my bandmate and I are being very prolific with our songwriting.

I guess we are motivated by the fact that summer is just around the corner and we want to get gigs at some of the local businesses. For that, we need new and exciting material to promote ourselves. We are not committed to playing at least three times a week in our spot by the church. That spot is great because we don’t have trouble with the cops, and the priest is a fan of our music, so he doesn’t mind us playing there. Today I have to reach out to a local heating and cooling contractor for guidance because we’ve been having chilly drafts make their way through the old ductwork, causing uneven temperatures throughout the house. Hopefully, the heating technician will be able to solve the issue. I have already discussed with my partner that we need to get an annual maintenance plan in order to avoid these sorts of problems with our HVAC system. My partner and I are trying to save up for an RV, so we can travel in climate controlled comfort during the summer. Hopefully, my bandmate, who’s making a lot of money working for a heating and cooling contractor, will chip in to make our dream possible. We would then travel together all around the country playing music and having the time of our lives.

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