Servicing my a/c for the summer

My stomach is starting to rumble, signaling that it is soon time to dump some food in it.

After this story, I will prepare a super healthy supper that will provide me energy for the rest of the afternoon.

Last night, my bandmate and I stayed up late playing songs in the city center, and since I haven’t had enough sleep, I’m feeling a little rough this week. But this is actually solved with a nap after supper and a nice cup of Pepsi and chocolate when I wake up. This will deliver me with enough energy to go to language class and then play soccer at the local air conditioned interests center. I might have to use public transportation since it’s raining this week. Usually I would rather avoid public transport unless I don’t have a choice, since they don’t have regular Heating & A/C systems and are packed with people. Today is cool, though, so temperature control won’t be an issue. This afternoon I have an appointment with my cooling provider to repair my air conditioner unit for the summer. The heat is going to be intense here where I live, and I must be prepared to deal with it. I also noticed that my indoor air quality has diminished, so I will also talk to them about getting whole apartment air purification. If I have some spare time after that and before supper, I may practice some songs I’m learning. My bandmate and I are coming up with current songs to play at local suppliers this summer.

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