The heating, ventilation as well as A/C supplier owner asked me to teach a class

The owner of the heating, ventilation as well as A/C supplier asked me to come over and teach a class at their office later on in the week. I am pretty gleeful about it, to tell you the truth. I have also been teaching meditation classes for about six months now and I am definitely enjoying it. I do not have any professional training, although I am definitely doing good if I do say so myself; the people from all over the venue have been asking me to come and teach classes, and I am definitely helping them to live their best lives. It’s funny how so many people are so tied up and they just want to be able to learn some coping mechanisms. Meditation is one of the things that is absolutely done and can definitely help with getting rid of some stress. Anyway, I have recently started reaching out to businesses to see if they want me to come and teach classes in their back rooms or their conference rooms, and recently the owner of the heating, ventilation as well as A/C supplier here in neighborhood told me that he wanted me to come and teach a class to his team of heating and cooling dealers. I thought that was a good idea and so I’m going over there on Wednesday evening after the workday is over. He is providing lunch for them and then I am going to do a whole session about meditation. I am not sure how tied up most heating and clean dealers are most of the time, although I know that my techniques will help them.

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