There HVAC professional gave them another solution

When the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman informed Steve and Jake that the HVAC system was not going to be effective for long, they weren’t surprised.

Their residential HVAC system was the same HVAC system that came with the property when they purchased it.

The previous owners upgraded the residential HVAC system as part of the improvements they agreed to before Steve and Jake bought the cabin. The HVAC system they had installed was nothing special but it served their heating and cooling needs. The fact that a 18 year old HVAC system was on its last legs wasn’t shocking at all. Steve and Jake had sort of figured on that. But what was shocking was the fact that the ductwork was going to have to be upgraded as well. And that was a huge deal. Not only were they not prepared for the cost outlay of replacing the air ducts in their cabin, it was going to be a huge inconvenience. So much of the ductwork was built into the property and getting it upgraded was going to be a costly and inconveniencing effort. That’s not something Steve and Jake were up for. Gladly, their good Heating and Air Conditioning expert was able to offer them another residential HVAC option. It’s just that the Heating and Air Conditioning system didn’t need any ductwork. That’s right, they now have a series of ductless heat pumps inside their home instead of a central HVAC system. Steve and Jake now have appealing quality heating and air in their cabin and for less than they had planned to spend. Plus, they cherish the fact that they can set the ductless heat pumps separately if they want to in order to provide a sort of zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning effect.

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