They are so grateful for ductless heat pumps

Often, Jeff and Tom have a home inspector who is mostly available on short notice to carry out the inspections. But two months ago, they had to make a quick decision on the apartment or risk losing it to other buyers. So, they looked at the home inspection done by the sellers but didn’t question it or go into details. The Heating and Air Conditioning system needed a replacement. There was the flooring issue as the place was covered in gross carpet. Nothing on that inspection list was surprising as the place wasn’t in the best condition. But the price was right and they were eager to add it to their other rental properties. So, Jeff and Tom bought the place and started on the renovations immediately. This is something they have decided to take on in this chapter of their lives. They still have jobs but the kids are grown and they have more time. Tom and Jeff share a passion for remodeling and interior design, plus, having these rental properties is good for their retirement. But they sure should have carried out a better inspection on this apartment. Turns out, the ductwork needed repair and they didn’t find that out until they were close to renting the apartment. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker they used called them at the office to say that he couldn’t put the Heating and Air Conditioning system in because the ductwork was faulty. Jeff and Tom had a renter planning to occupy the property in16 days. This is one of the reasons they are so grateful for ductless heat pumps. This residential Heating and Air Conditioning choice just saved their bacon.

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