They offered to work with us on a new HVAC system.

When the HVAC technician told us he could work with us on a new HVAC system, I thought he was just being nice and not vague.

We needed a new furnace before winter, so we ordered it as soon as winter ended.

We called the HVAC company, told them who our HVAC technician was and what he had told us. When the contractor showed up, He measured the house and told us what our choices were. He began talking about SEER and other ways to tell about the efficiency of the furnace. I tried to stop him several times, because he kept saying HVAC system instead of furnace, but he wasn’t listening. He was intent in covering all the information so he could get to his next appointment. When he was almost finished, I finally interrupted him. I told him we were purchasing a furnace. Our furnace was giving us a lot of trouble, but our air conditioning unit was only four years old. He stopped and looked at his paperwork. He told us there was notation that they were to replace the entire HVAC system. He called the HVAC company to confirm what his notes were telling him. When the HVAC technician called back, he said we did have a fairly new air conditioning unit, but he was offering to work with us on a new HVAC system, and not on a furnace. The contractor wasn’t happy with the way the HVAC technician had duped us, and he told us he would work with us on the new furnace.


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