Tonight I definitely sleep with frigid air conditioner unit

Last night the cat was outside my living room door meowing loudly all night, plus I thought I was imaging it while I was trying to sleep.

My flatmate’s cat is a bit off for some reason, plus last night it was telling us once again that it is not feeling too blissful about things.

Tonight if it does the same thing my associate and I will put it in the main living room area of the household plus put my two cats in the office so they don’t fight. Her cat gets really mean plus aggressive around mine plus the cooling rep told us that it easily will never warm up to my cats. It has this fear which makes it attack my cats when my associate and I try to let them hang out in the HVAC system room, which is really concerning because her cat is lonely plus wants a supplier. I suppose it has some brain detriment maybe because when it walks its head is tilted like 45 degrees, no idea why it does that. While I was petting it next to the air purifying device it seemed blissful however then abruptly changed its mind and started to bite plus attack me. It almost seems like it has various personalities or something, however whatever it is the cat is not firing on all cylinders. The heating supplier told me that they would take her cat plus it could live in the HVAC business, however I suppose it would go crazy from being alone all night. I assume my associate and I will figure out the solution to this dilemma though.

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