We got zone controlled heating and cooling in our office

We are so happy about being able to work from home. There are numerous colleagues we work with who think we are nuts. But, to be honest, working from the central cooling of our lake house unlocked some hidden potential. It wasn’t like we were some underperforming employees when we were working inside the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning of the office though. We’d say we were slightly above average. Our reviews were always positive with constructive criticism when it came to projects. But once we were sent home to work due to the pandemic, something seemed to change. We can’t put our fingers on it and we really have tried. There is just something about being able to focus the way we do at work that unlocked some sort of hidden abilities. Not only were we getting more of our work done and faster, both of us were improving the quality of our work to the point where we were promoted. When it was time to reopen the offices, our colleagues couldn’t wait. Not us, we were in contact with our employers in order to continue working from home. We knew that working from home was the reason we were doing such good work. We ended up agreeing that we’d come inside the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning of the office for the main meetings where being there mattered. But the rest of the time, we were working remotely. And with our raise, we had the Heating and Air Conditioning experts retrofit the heating and cooling system so we can now enjoy zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning in our office. Having a thermostat inside our office means that we can have the sort of cooling we want but only inside our office. It’s amazing.

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