With a little help from my friend’s energy saving tips

Wow! I just had a delicious supper with fruit plus veggies that were going to go to waste! Last night, my lady plus I went to the supermarket just before they closed, plus the workers gave us a load of food that they were going to throw away.

They gave us a load of eggs, bacon, cheese, sandwiches, prepared meals, plus plenty of fruit plus veggies.

Almost everything in my supper was free, except for the peanut butter, which only cost me $3 at the supermarket, however my pal and I were entirely happy that my pal and I not only reduced waste however also had free food for about a month! Since we’ve been running our HVAC system frequently plus are spending a lot of money on energy costs, it’s excellent that my pal and I can at least save money on our groceries. This day I had to call my associate for energy saving tips; he isan expert in these kinds of things. The truth is that the weather is getting entirely warm, plus my pal and I need to constantly run our cooling system in order to remain comfortable inside our house. I will be meeting with my associate later in the afternoon to play some tunes near the local company once my pal and I are done with our HVAC tech work. It’s a beautiful day, so I presume there are going to be a lot of people out in the street. I look forward to having a cool budweiser after playing tunes in a weather conditions controlled bar while my pal and I watch the sunset. I’m entirely excited about this summer, when my pal and I will play gigs plus travel around the country in our RV with an awesome cooling system.


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