Working for the local HVAC business and playing music

I can already envision myself walking barefoot on the warm sand, the salty breeze brushing against my skin and filling my lungs with the invigorating scent of the ocean.

I have just one more story to write and then I’m off to meet my girlfriend at our favorite seaside town.

We will have lunch at the beach while we sunbathe, top up on Vitamin D, go snorkeling, and maybe play some volleyball. Then, later in the afternoon, I will meet with my HVAC tech buddy to go busking in the town center. We’ve found a good spot to play by the church; there are no neighbors to annoy, only the priest residing in the church. Luckily, he is always indulging in spirits and happens to be a fan of our music. We then head to an air-conditioned bar to enjoy a cool beer while we contemplate the sunset and talk about our plans as a band for the future. We have plans to play at the local business in town once a week and then tour the country in our climate-controlled RV. During the winter, we will relocate to our cabin in the mountains and perform in ski lodges with nice fireplaces. We have been doing a lot of promotional work to get our songs known and to get gigs. In the meantime, we will focus on our HVAC rep jobs to make money while we play music. Soon, we’ll be performing a gig for a friend’s birthday party in an air-conditioned venue by the pier, and I’m tremendously excited about it.

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