Dad wouldn't let me work on his HVAC equipment.

I have been an HVAC technician for almost five years, but my dad still wouldn’t let me work on his HVAC equipment.

He thought that since the HVAC equipment was owned by a family member, I wouldn’t do as good a job as I would for someone else. I tried to tell him I would do a better job, because I wouldn’t want to disappoint him, but he didn’t believe me. I didn’t care whose HVAC equipment I was working on. I knew that without heat and air conditioning, I am playing with someone’s comfort, and possibly their lives. I take my job as an HVAC technician quite seriously. I want to make sure people I work for are happy and comfortable in their homes when I leave. I don’t know how to make dad understand that when I say people, I mean him also. Last month, he called and asked if I would work on Grandma’s air conditioning. He knew it wasn’t working well, and the weather wasn’t the nicest this time of year. There were severe storms rolling through, and the temperatures were well above ninety. He didn’t want grandma to go without air conditioning, and no one else was available. Grandma thought I was the best HVAC technician she had ever had in her house. I wish I could make dad realize I would do the same job for him and mom as I did for grandma. Maybe grandma can convince me to let me work on his HVAC equipment. I would do the work for the price of parts, and my parents wouldn’t need to worry about their HVAC equipment, ever again.


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