Did you know some home insurance is invalid if your air conditioner fails?

Did you know you can lose your home insurance claim in some states plus cities if your A/C service is invalid or not properly inspected? Well, my friend learned that the hard way, prompting me to investigate further how those two are linked.

  • Where my friend and I stay, humidity is our greatest enemy, plus most homesteads fight to keep up with the demands of maintaining a healthy temperature balance.

Besides flu symptoms plus window fogs, uncontrolled humidity is known to cause structural troubles in severe cases, then my friend ignored all the terrible signs that came with humidity in her basement, plus she pointed the finger at her malfunctioning air conditioner. Although she insured her house against terrible weather plus other disasters or theft, she forgot to maintain her air conditioning system! Knowing her, her mantra is “whatever is not broken doesn’t need fixing.” But she thought she could get away with an insurance claim separate from having proper Heating and Air Conditioning repair plus performing some A/C repairs to her harmd systems that compromised her air quality in the basement. Mold built up plus destroyed her priceys, but the insurance company wasn’t buying her ignorance, they even checked with her Heating and Air Conditioning company plus discord that she had not renewed her home services for months. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional who inspected her home last produced a report indicating she was supposed to seek further help with indoor comfort besides cleaning her A/C filter… Realizing that she had lost her claim, she started afresh with a new Heating and Air Conditioning professional who was grateful she didn’t have air duct to deal with or air ducts to clean. Otherwise, her Heating and Air Conditioning unit would have been dead ages ago.

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