Heating & A/C has a lot of task security.

She gave to pay for me to go to school

When I told dad I wanted to be an Heating & A/C company, she simply asked why. I told him I had been talking to various women I went to school with & they had become Heating & A/C companys. They made it sound like it was a great task. They got great pay, had time off, & paid trip & paid sick leave from the start. They even had paid personal mornings off, to use while in the off season. My dad laughed & told me there were no off-seasons when you worked in Heating & A/C. She asked me if I had other reasons for being an Heating & A/C company, other than for monetary reasons. I looked at him, not sure what she wanted me to say. She asked if I thought I would make a enjoyable Heating & A/C company? Not six months ago, I had wanted to be a lawyer. She said being an Heating & A/C company was a immense step down from being a lawyer. I tried to tell him I was just throwing around works while waiting for the right one to pop up. I appreciated the idea of being an Heating & A/C company. She asked me, if I had to give one reason for wanting to be an Heating & A/C company, what would it be? I thought for a couple of minutes & answered him. I told him Heating & A/C promised task security. With global warming, air conditioning was going to become a necessity for nearly all the people. She gave to pay for me to go to school. I must have impressed him with my answer. She had never gave to pay for anything separate from expecting me to pay it back.
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