Her sister was always complaining about high humidity

Jiana was trying hard to get her sister to purchase a dehumidifier.

But, for someone who was always complaining about high humidity, her sister seemed to be dragging her feet.

Eventually, Jiana had to take matters into her own hands and buy her sister a dehumidifier. This was the only way to get her to stop complaining that it was too humid in her home. The two sisters live on opposite sides of the country. Jiana is in the north, still close to their parents and the house they grew up in. She has never been much of an explorer, and she found it easier living close to home. However, her sister, who is three years younger, is the typical second child. Ever since she was young, there was nothing much that fazed her. Jiana had a hard time moving out of her comfort zone, but her sister was always there pushing her. Their dynamics have always differed, but they are super close. When Jiana’s sister relocated to the coast, she immediately purchased a beach house. The house had excellent cooling, but during summer, even this isn’t enough. She was finding it hard to cope with the extreme humidity that grips the area during summer. So, all Jiana heard was it was too humid in her sister’s home. She went to a local HVAC store in her area, purchased a dehumidifier and sent it to her sister. Jiana got an excellent deal since people don’t use dehumidifiers that much in her local area. Her sister was super thankful for the dehumidifier and admitted she was just dragging her feet about making the purchase.
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