I thought window AC units were disposable.

I knew I could buy window air conditioning units for every room in the house and it would be less than buying a new central air conditioning unit. I was saving money on the air conditioning equipment, and on our energy bill. When I quit using the central air conditioning unit, my energy bill went down by 15%. That was almost a $500 a year savings, and the air conditioning units were cheaper. I swore I would never go back to central air. I was told that window air conditioning units were disposable, until it came time to recycle one. I couldn’t find a single recycling center that would take the window air conditioning units when they broke. They either wanted them broken down, or just put them in their trash pile to go to the landfill. I was defeating the purpose of energy conservation and eco savings, if I was going to put the air conditioning units in the landfill. I asked if they knew of any recycling centers that would accept window air conditioning units. He reminded me he said they would take them, but they had to go to the landfill. He didn’t know of any local recycling centers that didn’t send them to the landfill. I called the HVAC company, and they said they could take them, but I would need to pay $20 a piece for them to take them away. It was worth $20 a piece if it kept the AC unit out of the landfill. I delivered the first of ten to the HVAC company, knowing the metal would all be recycled.


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