I was freezing, even though I could not turn the A/C off.

I hope things improve when the baby is born.

It sucks when I need to sit in my own house, and freeze, yet not be able to do anything about it. I’m not a cold weather person, and needing to sit in a apartment that is 65 degrees is not fun. I only do it because my wife can’t lay the heat. She is nine months pregnant, and whenever she gets temperatures above sixty-five, her feet swell and she is in a lot of pain. She offered to stay in the kitchen so I wouldn’t be disturbed, even though I said no. I liked her business, or my friend and I wouldn’t be married. It’s the pregnancy part that I don’t like… Before she got pregnant, my friend and I spent most of our time outside. My buddy and I did yard toil together, and enjoyed going to the beach. Since she got pregnant, everything has changed. She had major concerns with morning sickness that lasted all morning long, during the first three months. Then she was having concerns with weight gain, or lack of it. Now, she is swelling up, and the healthcare worker is afraid it will hurt her heart or the baby. I sit in the residing room with a overcoat on, while she relaxes with frostbite a/c. I hope things improve when the baby is born. I would rather have the control component turned high so the baby doesn’t get cold, than be freezed out by the a/c. I never thought I would dislike the a/c, but it has happened. My wife tells me things will return to normal in a week or two, but I’m not so sure. There have been a lot of odd things happening since she got pregnant..

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