I wished there was air conditioning on the boat.

They told me I wouldn’t mind the heat once we got out on the boat.

I may have agreed with them if we were moving all the time.

Unfortunately, most of our time on the boat was sitting still while people were fishing or scuba diving. I couldn’t swim, and fishing was no fun for me. I spent most of my time trying to find shade and reading my book. My fondest wish was that they had air conditioning on the boat. I would have settled for a good fan, but air conditioning would have been much better. My brother told me to try to have a little fun, but it was almost 100 degrees on the lake. He offered to get me a large tube so I could have fun in the water, but I was terrified of drowning. It was his fault I couldn’t swim. Every time I was in the pool, he wanted to play sink the whale, and I was the whale. Although I was four years younger, he didn’t care. I was the only other person in the pool with him. I didn’t even want to go in a kiddie pool if he was anywhere around. When we went back to shore for lunch, I decided to stay back at the cabin. There was air conditioning inside, and I could relax, curl up on the sofa, and watch television or read. I was finally enjoying my time at the shore, now that I was left alone with my air conditioning. My brother headed back out after lunch with my husband and our kids.

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