I worked in my girlfriend’s father’s HVAC company.

I had been dating Christy for almost a year before I met her parents.

I met her shortly after I went to HVAC school.

She helped me with my studying and questioned me on everything I was learning. I never asked how she knew so much about HVAC, because she was reading the manuals right along with me. Now that I look back on that time, I realize she was often telling me what something meant when I was scratching my head. When I graduated from HVAC classes, my instructor invited me to take on an apprenticeship in his HVAC company. I couldn’t wait to see Christy and tell her about my new job. I ended up calling her while walking out of the school and to my car. I don’t know who was more excited; me or her. I had been working for the HVAC for about three months, when she invited me to meet her parents. I knew she had made up her mind about becoming my wife. She put her ring on, and we headed over to her parents’ house. I almost walked back out when the owner of the HVAC company I worked for walked out. He greeted me and smiled. I looked at Christy, wondering why she hadn’t told me I was working for her father. She shrugged as if to tell me it was easier this way. I suddenly realized why she was so smart when it came to HVAC and how she knew all the terms without looking them up. She was brought up in a family of HVAC technicians, and heard all about it almost every day.

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