Money wasn’t everything in HVAC.

Being an HVAC technician comes with so many other perks other than getting paid well.

I don’t think I ever thought money is everything in HVAC. Everyone in my dad’s HVAC company thought the same thing while working there. Dad has an HVAC company that is built on new HVAC technicians. He brings them in right out of HVAC school, even before the ink is dry on their certification. He trains them to be top-notch HVAC technicians and then lets them go their separate ways. Some of those HVAC technicians stayed on, but most of them already had dreams of where they wanted to work. Getting an apprenticeship in my dad’s company is just a stepping stone to getting where they want to be. My dad once worked for a national HVAC company, and he was one of the best. He helped me open the HVAC company I now own, and we work together. When he first talked about being a training HVAC company, I didn’t think it would be lucrative. I would be paying someone to work for me, get their training, and then let them loose as soon as they were good at their jobs. I’m proud of what I turn out, but I’m always sorry to see them go. The HVAC technicians don’t always work out, and they quit before they go any further. I have five HVAC technicians that started out as apprentices and asked if they could stay on for my dad and I. Money wasn’t everything when we started the HVAC company, but we still became successful.