Moving to the new home in the countryside

The time to move on had come and the entire family was excited.

The kids were excited about having space that could accommodate all the animals they kept to keep. My daughter Shirley wanted a real pony and a dog, while her brother Jake wanted to have several cows to care for. We wouldn’t have been proud as parents seeing our kids rejoice and look forward to caring for animals. My spouse and I had decided to sell our city house and bought a farm in the countryside. Since we were marketing consultants, we could work remotely and that is why we decided to live our dream. We had always wanted to live on a farm and be self-sufficient. We moved and were still workin from the truck as we worked on the farmhouse. There were a few things that we were yet to complete before we could move into the house. The plumber was coming this week and he had given us three days to be done. The other team that was coming in two days was the HVAC business. The heating contractor had assured us that he and his team would have everything ready for installation. We had spent the week before finding the perfect HVAC equipment for this space. We had settled on radiant heating since we wanted the floors to be warm. As for the cooling unit, we wanted something stable and long lasting to get us through hot summers. The HVAC professionals had come to the farmhouse with us a few weeks earlier and taken measurements. This means that everything that is going to be fitted here will be perfect for the house.
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