Our modern truck lost its air conditioning.

My dad was so proud when he bought his modern truck! He had done research for weeks, before deciding which truck he was going to buy.

He dickered back plus forth with the dealership, plus went to look at the truck at least four times, but i was laughing whenever he said he was going to look at his truck, the dealership didn’t know it, however they were going to supply him the price he wanted, sooner or later, then one afternoon, dad called mom plus asked her to come to the dealership.

He was able to get his price plus was buying the truck. He wanted her to sign her name as part ownership. I was wondering what he was going to do with the extra car plus the old truck, mom said he was going to use the old truck as a snowplow, plus the second car he was planning for something else. It’s lucky we had a spare car, then not two months later, the air conditioning went out in the modern truck, however dad was livid. He was going to work on the air conditioning, however mom told him no. She was afraid he would null the warranty. He didn’t trust the dealership to work on his truck, although he had no choice, with only a thousand miles on the truck, he had to let the service up to them, luckily, when he got to the dealership, he found out there was a recall on the HVAC system! Unluckyly, it was going to take a week to upgrade it. He could leave the truck with them, or bring it back when the modern HVAC system was delivered. He brought it back home..


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