She became an Heating & A/C tech on a whim.

My only concern is that I’m her bookkeeper & scheduler.

My hubby was doing definitely well in her task, & now all the people wants to know why she abruptly became an Heating & A/C company. I tell them she became an Heating & A/C tech on a whim, but that isn’t the truth. She was into plumbing for years, & she realized how closely related Heating & A/C & plumbing was. She wanted to extend her services, & with Heating & A/C, she could offer clients radiant heated flooring. She had a lot of people inquiring about radiant heat when she got her Heating & A/C certification, even though I feel that fad has gone away. People were finding out that every surface touching the flooring was heated, & it was uncomfortable for all the people. He’With the immense move toward ductless Heating & A/C which doesn’t require you to use fossil fuel, she is once again using her expertise. Now, she is considering getting her certification to be an electrician. He’ll have the comprehension of the use of conduit & wiring, & still be able to tell people how to toil the Heating & A/C system. Since most tasks toil with plumbing, Heating & A/C & electrical systems, her plumbing corporation will be a full-repair company. My only concern is that I’m her bookkeeper & scheduler. I hope she has people laboring for him who are just plumbers, electricians, or Heating & A/C techs. I would hate to send someone out to toil on an Heating & A/C system that doesn’t have any comprehension of them. I told him this & she laughed. She told me that within a year, she was going to have all the people who worked for him cross trained & able to do every task.


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