The best current fireplace this week

I just purchased one of those real cool electric fireplaces to put in my home office, but i had been looking for something that was going to make the place look nice plus also act as a immense space heater, then the space furnace part is because I wanted to start saving on some energy use from running my central heating plus a/c system unit’s heater.

And by having the electric fireplace I can now do that while not sleeping… Because the electric fireplace’s heating is absolutely strong plus covers a absolutely immense section of the downstairs of the house.

Enough to be able to not need to use the central heating plus a/c system unit’s heater! Not to mention this brand current electric fireplace has gotta be the best possible fireplace on the market this week. It is way better than a gas fireplace. I know plus can state this because I used to have a gas fireplace that did not do much for me other than have a pretty orange flame to look at. In terms of heating it was more or less useless. It only heated up a absolutely small area. A portable space furnace this week could heat a room better than the gas fireplace did. But this electric fireplace is a whole different story all together. It is definitely amazing what it can do to heat the home office of my home. And also on top of that it is real good to have around to decorate when the holidays come about next year. I only wish I had this electric fireplace this year for Christmas! It would have made things extra nice!

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