We bought a house without a central HVAC system

We bought a house that didn’t come with a central HVAC system. However, the ductwork was intact according to the HVAC expert we hired for an inspection. We knew the house didn’t come with a central HVAC system, and we didn’t mind at all. Even if there was an old HVAC system, we would have gotten rid of it as soon as we moved in. My partner and I have bought and lived in many houses across the country. After about 5 years, we sold the property and found a new adventure. There was even a period where we bought an old van and turned it into our living quarters. Traveling across the country in that van was so amazing and we frankly never thought of selling it. Our plan was to be indoors in a house during winter, then back outside living in our van from mid-May to late October. However, one time we met this couple, and they offered us so much money to purchase the van as it was. It would have been foolish to refuse their offer since that was even beyond the investment we had made on it. We took that money, saved it, and now we got a new house with part of it. So, as I was saying, we purchased a house without a central HVAC system. The reason being we wanted to be sure we picked out the best heating and cooling system for our new home. We are living in a new area, and we did some research on the best local HVAC companies. The goal was to locate the right company to do the central HVAC system installation. We are still searching, but we hope to be done before summer.


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