Without air conditioning, we were drowning in sweat.

Where we live, there is so much humidity you are always covered in sweat when outside.

The only reprieve we have, is knowing there is excellent air conditioning in the house.

Most of us are used to the heat and humidity, but it is always good to get inside. My parents spend most of their time outside, even when it is extremely hot. They said they get sick from the air conditioning. I think they have spent so much time in this area, it feels natural to be without air conditioning. I grew up with it and I don’t want to live without air conditioning. Last week, I heard my mom and dad talk about how good it is for them now. Mom asked if dad remembered that one summer night when they almost drowned in their own sweat. Dad laughed and said that was before they had air conditioning. Mom agreed, but her memories were not for my ears, so I walked away. I knew mom and dad had been in love since their teens, but I never thought of them as being young. I always saw mom and dad for who they are now. Them laughing about rowing around the lake when it was 100 degrees just to not have grandpa listening to them had me laughing. Maybe I was spoiled by air conditioning, but it’s better than drowning in sweat. I couldn’t imagine it being that hot, not having air conditioning, and still laughing about it. Two weeks later, I had the chance to find out what it felt like. Our air conditioning quit running in the middle of the night.

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