A heat wave hit my town

I have constantly been a warm-blooded creature, and well, you may suppose that is a given if I am human, and however, what I mean is, I worship the sun… I was born on a tropical island, and I am used to warmth, humidity, and at most, a cool island breeze in the evenings; This means that if the temperature dips below the 69s, I become a cold and desperate creature indeed! I barely use my A/C, even in the summer. I’ll use the ceiling fans or a box fan to circulate air before I use my A/C. This often does the trick for me. However, even I could not deal with the recent heat wave that hit my town a week ago! Finally, after I am not even sure how long, I turned on the thermostat and cranked the A/C back up. I had not even gotten repair on it in a few years! It was able to maintain the 72° that I set on the thermostat, however then I remembered something. I was lucky it was able to do so, because when I evaluated the air filter it was filthy! I had neglected even the most basic air conditioner repair because I barely ever use it. I decided that I would at least update the air filter… After that, at least I had my A/C, and it was functional. I considered whether or not I should call out an HVAC professional to do a check up and a tune-up. Then I evaluated the weather and saw that there would be only one more afternoon of drastic heat, but no HVAC professional visit for me!



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