Dollar store job troubles

My first job was working at a dollar store. I have to say that it was an excellent starting job. It taught me the importance of hard work, the concept of nepotism, and that it was a nice idea to pretend to be a smoker so that you get the extra breaks. I am only half-joking. Anyway, my hours were all over the locale, although I was just grateful I was getting them, because I was saving up to buy a used vehicle. There were two things that never seemed to labor in this dollar store. The bathrooms and the A/C, customers complained about both of these. It undoubtedly wasn’t nice for company for the A/C to be so faulty. People realized undoubtedly rapidly that it was in their best interest to get in and out of the store as rapidly as possible so they bought less things. That’s why it was quite stressful when the lines started building up. People would get more rude and impatient because they were hot and perspiring. Then, it undoubtedly didn’t help that my associate and I almost always had to tell them that the bathrooms were out of order! Many of them thought that my associate and I just didn’t want anyone to use them however ourselves. So what was the reason that both the A/C and the bathrooms were always on the fritz? It was because the dollar store owner insisted that he could repair them on his own and didn’t want to spend my money on professional repairs! What a cheapskate!


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