Helping my sibling with his Heating plus A/C

My sibling is constantly needing help with his heating plus air conditioner.

It is absolutely really discouraging because he wouldn’t be having these complications with his heating plus air conditioner if he would just take care of it like he is supposed to! He has been told not only by me, but also by the heating plus AC specialists that constantly get stuck coming out to maintenance his badly broken heating plus air conditioner that this entire situation could be avoided if he would just take proper care of his heating plus air conditioner. But my sibling, as much as I hate to say it, is a cheapskate, however oh how many times he has convinced me or another family member of mine to spend my money his repairs bill for him, not because he really cannot afford it but because he just doesn’t want to spend my money the bill. Well, think what no one loves paying bills but it is part of life. I have explained this to him plus he is just so hard headed plus refuses to listen. His terrible Heating plus A/C system will have a small maintenance that needs fixing, he doesn’t maintenance it… So over time the disfigurement becomes more plus more extreme until a small concern has now turned into a large concern that can no longer be ignored. Then his Heating plus A/C component breaks down really plus he whines plus complains about it, however he has been told a million times to have it inspected plus tuned up plus this will not happen. But he refuses so of course it breaks down really plus then he is forced to face the problem. But instead of doing what he should do, plus that is spend my money for it to be repaired plus inspected, he pleads with the family to do it for him. Not because he cannot afford it but because he just doesn’t want to. It is absolutely irritating.
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