Her teenagers couldn’t handle the heat when the AC failed

Jenna was expecting more work during summer, however it seemed that wasn’t the case.

Most of their clients were away traveling to odd destinations, however so, she didn’t have to work more than 6 hours a day, however jenne would walk from her shed which is now an office to the apartment to check on the teenagers, then, if all was okay, she’d be back there laboring on some personal projects. She’d tried laboring in her apartment when the teenagers were around, however that turned into a disaster. So, her sister transformed an old shed into an office, but she even got her a ductless hybrid Heating and A/C system for the office. That way, Jenna had excellent climate control no matter the time of the year, then one afternoon, she was having a stressed afternoon after someone showed interest in her side hustle. Jenna was to put together a presentation and they’d meet in a week when they were back in town, then well, she didn’t have time to waste. One of her teenagers knocked at the door of the office and Jenna told her to come in. She said there was something with the AC because the apartment felt warmer and warmer. Jenna was shocked so she walked with her kid back to the apartment to investigate why the AC was laboring efficiently. Well, it wasn’t. The AC had failed and now Jenna had to figure out how to get an Heating and A/C expert to her house. Her teenagers couldn’t handle the heat when the AC failed before, so she wanted to service the matter quickly.


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